Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did you know that March is Women's History Month?

Click on the image above and read or listen to learn more about these famous women in history. 

Choose one of the activities below to spread 
the word about what you have learned.
  1. Write a poem.
  2. Design a poster.
  3. Write a story.
  4. Design a postage stamp.
  5. Write a short play or skit.
  6. Write a speech.
  7. Create a rap.
  8. Decorate your classroom door.
  9. Design a postcard.
  10. Create a timeline.
Present your project to your class.
If you would also like to share it online please give it to Ms. Bolotin.

girls inc. is a great website for girls  who love discovering everything they can achieve. It is made up of girls who are excited to learn more about the world around them and all of the opportunities it holds for girls. Create an's free!

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