Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Career Corner: Aviation

As you may know Near North's "Career Day" is just around the corner. That's why we're going to showcase some careers that students are interested in. The new feature will be called Career Corner.
Aviation as a Career
     As many of you know Steven (Room 207) is an avid fan of aircraft of all kinds. I talked to Steven about his interests and he said that he is especially interested in military aircraft from countries all over the world. He keeps up on what's current but also like to learn about antique aircrafts. 
     Steven is interested in a career in aviation and would like to get his training by joining the U.S. Air Force. When he completes his time with the Air Force Steven might be interested in designing aircraft.
     Steven often shares his aviation knowledge with others, so if you're looking for information on aviation please give Steven a holler.

Below you will find some neat websites to learn more about the world of aviation.

America by Air is a great site to explore. It has all types of games, stories and pictures about aviation and its history. 

Click on the picture to visit America by Air.


Learn more about airplanes by creating your own "Shuttle Dart". Click on the image below to get started. Make sure you have a square piece of  paper ready. Work with a partner. It will make it more fun and you can help each other.
This is a fun way to practice learning to follow directions!

Video tutorial-Easy to stop and start as you follow each step.

Written instructions...Click to print!


Air Near North Day!
April 8, 2011
Any 6th-8th grade student who has created a "Shuttle Dart"  is invited to take place in "Air Near North Day". 
  1. Contest is for 6th-8th grade students.
  2. Any student participating must sign up in the art room by April 7th. You must have your teacher's permission to participate.
  3. All participating students will come to the third floor with their "Shuttle Dart" glider on April 8th  at 12:30. Do not be late.
  4. Sign in sheet will be available and that will be the order in which students will throw.
  5. Each student will get two warm up throws and 1 throw for the contest. 
  6. There will be several prizes. (Hints...Decorate your Shuttle Dart with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Do not use glitter!...Practice throwing your glider outside at home!!!
  7. All students will use appropriate language.
  8. Students will encourage one another.
***Please remember if you do not win this time, it is not the end of the world. There will be plenty more opportunities for you. This is just a fun activity for you to socialize with your classmates and have fun!

***Hopefully Steven will make an appearance at "Air Near North Day" since he is the inspiration for this contest.

If any one else has an idea for another "Career Corner" post please see MS. Bolotin.

Thanks and hope to see many of you April 8th! 

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