Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the American Bald Eagle...Paper-Slide Video by Room 110

The American Bald Eagle...Featuring Room 110 from klbolotin on Vimeo.

This wonderful American bald eagle video stars the voices of Royal, Ruben, Emilio, Joseph, Ms. Bolotin for Jesse and their artwork.
They are sharing what they have learned about eagles. Great job guys!!!

All of the eagle photos are screenshots of actual live eagles we watch on "Eagle Cams". The screenshots were all taken by Near North Students.

You can watch the eagle cams and cams of other animals too. They are all live and fun to watch.  Live Animal Cams

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  1. Hi Room 110,
    Thanks for sharing your artwork and information about the American Bald Eagle with us. You did a great job and we learnt that eagles eat fish and that they sit on their eggs to keep them warm. Eagles are not something that we see alot of where we live (especially not the American Bald Eagle!). Sometimes if we are lucky we might see a `Wedge tailed Eagle' flying very high up in the sky. We were wondering how you made the lovely patterns on your artworks?
    From Ms Dowling and K/1D