Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Origami Tutorials

     Today Room 104 learned how to create Origami Dogs. They had a lot of fun folding and then adding some character to their dogs by adding a face. Mrs. Joiner made a super cute dog that gave the kids a big smile. 
     First the kids learned from a direction sheet with Mercedes reading and Ms. Bolotin demonstrating. Next they had to make one on their own or with the help of a friend. Guess what? They were FANTASTIC! Eddie said he was going to take one home for his mom. Boy is she lucky!
     Joseph did a terrific job, really focusing on his project. Ms. Bolotin really liked the way that everyone helped each other.
     We also learned that Mercedes has done Origami before and she is really good at it. Curtis remembered that he learned to make a cup last year and wanted to show everyone how to do it.

Below is a video of Mercedes and Curtis that will teach you how to make an Origami Heart and Cup. Great job you two!

     I think next week Nicole wants to make a video and show everyone how to make the Origami Dog she learned how to make today. Can't wait Nicole. :-) 

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