Monday, April 4, 2011

Poetry and the Wii Week

April is National Poetry Month

     Near North Students you have Tyshawn (Room 105) to thank for this one. Every time he comes to art he asks me..."Ms. Bolotin, When are you going to bring your Wii?  
     Well Tyshawn (and all Near North Students) I am bringing my Wii next week...and everyone who writes a poem to be published on our blog will get to bowl during Poetry and the Wii Week.
     *If you would like to read and record your poem just let me know. All poems will be published on our blog. Remember, we have many readers, so do your best. If you would like to add some art to your poem, go for it!

Wii Bowling will begin April 11, 2011.

Rules to participate in Wii Bowling 
  1. Students must write an original poem and turn in to Ms. Bolotin.
  2. Students must use appropriate behavior and language.
Try using some of these websites to create your own poems.

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