Thursday, September 15, 2011

Token Store Wish List

Click on picture and choose download to print.
Students here's your chance to help me choose items for the Token Store. 

     Let me know what you would like to buy with your points. This "Wish List" can be given to me until February 2012. It can be filled out individually or by an entire class. Just print it, fill it out, and get it to me.

Here's a couple of hints...
  1. Try to choose items $10.00 and under. You will have more of a chance of seeing your item in the store.
  2. If you know what store sells your item let me know. I won't have to spend a lot of time looking around for it.
  3. If you want a certain color mention it.
  4. If you need a certain size tell me.
  5. Do not include items such as weapons, inappropriate movies or games, or things that are seriously sharp such as darts. I will not buy these things.
  6. Gift cards will be bought in $5.00 increments. Let me know which stores you would like me to purchase them from. These will be 800 pts. each.
  7. Don't yell out in the hall telling me what you want. I will probably forget. Write it down on this "Wish List"!
Remember...just because an item is on your list does not mean it will be in the store the next week. I try to buy items when they are on sale so we get the most "bang for our buck". If your item is very expensive, an iPod for example, I will not be able to buy it.

Any questions about items please ask Ms. Bolotin or Mr. Payne.

Happy Token Store Shopping to All

Sincerely...Ms. Bolotin

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