Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Near North...
Are YOU ready for some football?

Super Bowl XLV Click on picture above to learn more.


Near North Students and Staff...Who do YOU think will win the Super Bowl?
Print out your choice (coloring pages above) and hang it on the outside of your classroom door.

Click on the photo above to see how Super Bowl footballs are made.

Now here's some Bling! Read all about Super Bowl Rings.

E*TRADE'S “Talking Baby” commercials during the Super Bowl are famous annual events. Now you can create your own talking babies by typing in something for them to say. Go ahead. It's FUN!

Check out Super Bowl Stadiums from previous games.

Relive how the Packers and the Steelers got to the Super Bowl.

Everything you wanted to know about Super Bowls of the Past.

Learn about the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One of the most frequently asked questions of the Hall of Fame's research staff is how a particular NFL team chose its name. Sometimes the answer is obvious and other times it is not so clear-cut. Click the logo above to find out how your favorite team got their name.
Teachers:  Here's an activity to go along with the above website that you can print out.

Click on the football to learn more from Kidz World sports

Watch videos on the science of football.

Ten Best Football Player Nicknames

(Click on "Iron Mike" Ditka) 

Online Activities

Power Football Math Game

Pro Football Trivia Quiz for Kids (click above)

More Football Printables 
Just click on the link and print as usual.

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